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Chen Tai Chi Thailand is a Tai Chi Club where we study and practice Chen Style Tai Chi for health and vitality here in Bangkok. Our group is a dedicated lot, meeting two or three times per week to practice and bring the benefits of Chen Style Tai Chi into our lives under the teacher, who is an indoor student of a renowned Master of the art. The practice of Tai Chi reduces stress, improves balance, lowers blood pressure, helps avoid osteoporosis, helps with depression and anxiety and even boosts the immune system.


For the teachers and the members Chen Tai Chi Thailand it is a fascinating art and a jewel of Chinese culture. The teacher is an indoor student of the president of the club, 20th generation Chen Tai Chi Master Liu Yong, who is from the longest lineage in Tai Chi and is a world renowned Chen Master. He is an original indoor student of GM Chen Zhenglei and through this lineage we have insights into the source of all Tai Chi knowledge.


Our teachers are certified experts in the Laojia YiLu form and we have three levels of instruction, the beginning 9 form, the intermediate 39 form and the advanced 74 form – all 3 levels are studied at the weekend. During your progress we add layer upon layer of information about the warm ups, silk reeling, standing pole and the movements in the form to build a strong foundation in Tai Chi - and every year we have Master Liu visit to check our progress! He also oversees the certification of all 74 form practitioners and will be next here in December 2015.


For visitors to the Bangkok we also offer short intensive courses with qualified instructors, which can include the Level 1 certificate or more advanced training. Please contact for further details and do check our Facebook page for regular articles and updates.


This Bangkok Tai Chi Club is the Thailand Branch of the Master Liu Yong Chen Style Tai Chi International Association.








From 3pm on Saturday August 5th, 2017.

This class dedicated to raising the health and vitality of those who attend. Specifically aimed at balance and strength training as well as the calming of the mind that is associated with the study of the Chen Style of Tai Chi.

It is held on Saturday and Sunday at 3pm and the class lasts for 90 minutes.

The location is Piyavan Tower, right next to Ari BTS Station and the first session is free, so you can check us out. The is aim to carry on this class and increase our skills throughout the year towards an understanding of this legendary martial art.

The fee is 3,000 baht per month and it includes park practice on Thursdays and Fridays as well.

For this course:

- Please wear light cotton clothing.

- Bring water.

- Arrive a little early so we can begin at 3pm

- Please call and inform Peter of any health problems or injuries.

- Tai Chi can feel intensive, so be prepared. It is a physical exercise

   and you will feel tired.

You are welcome to call Peter during office hours on 086 0144050 or if I don't pick up, please email




(+66) 086 014 4050

"For more information you are welcome to call Peter on the number above during office hours and do check out our Facebook page for updates and articles on Tai Chi."





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